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10 Dessert Trends of the Year

Here is a look at the top 10 dessert trends of the year from Catering Magazine and the Food Channel.

Ta-Da!  The next cupcake is…
Although “everyone wants to identify the ‘next cupcake’ and to dethrone the mighty cupcake as the trend du jour,”  the cupcake movement is still going strong.

Sweet, Heat, Salty and Tart
Desserts don’t always have to be sugary sweet, and The Food Channel points to “lots of sweets packing heat from peppers and fiery spices,” and high-end chocolate candies with such ingredients as bacon, soy and jalapeños.

Wedding Cake Off The Guest List
As part of “an overall trend toward a more casual, and less stuffy lifestyle,” The Food Channel found that old-fashioned cakes are being replaced at the wedding with such options as macaroons, cake pops and ice cream floats.

BC artisan cheese plate

Behold The Power of Protein
People are looking for more than a sugar buzz from desserts today.  Some are pointing toward such protein-rich dessert additions as fortified smoothies and cheeses.   (shown above:  Farmhouse aged cheddar with Savannah honeycomb; Poplar Grove Tiger blue cheese with white fig, hazelnut and apple compote)

Dessert for Grownups
Pairing cocktails with dessert is another trend, such as milkshakes with a splash of rum, wine paired with gelato, and Bailey’s on a hot fudge sundae.

Whole Grains and No Grains
Adding fiber to dessert – such as brown rice puddings and oatmeal crisp dessert toppings – is one healthy trend, as is avoiding grains altogether to accommodate dairy and gluten-free diets.   (Dairy-free coconut rice pudding and mango is made with coconut milk.)

Desserts In The Raw
Demand is growing for raw and vegan versions of cupcakes, cheesecakes and more, which is part of a larger demand for desserts that are less processed.

A Touch of Sweetness All Day Long
People are increasingly drawn toward “sweet little rewards” such as a pastry at breakfast or a cake pop.

A Hint of Floral
Edible flowers, always popular as a garnish, are coming back in vogue as part of the aromatic and flavour experience.

Dessert action station – molten chocolate caramel cakes and reverse strawberry shortcakes

Dessert Theatrics
More events are employing action stations – tableside theatre, preparing dessert in front of the guests.

Photos:  Culinary Capers Catering
Credits:  Foodie Photography; Coast Mountain Photography; Brian Dennehy; John Watson.

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