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2011 Food Trends

Mia Stainsby, food editor of the Vancouver Sun put together a great article on what’s going to be hot on the local food scene for 2011.  Our executive chef Margaret Chisholm was tapped to give her thoughts on what is going to be on Vancouverite’s menus.    Read it.

One of our favourite sites for inspiration Bizbash.com had a great list of event trends, below is a snap shot of food and drink trends from the top event producers around North America that we thought you might like to read up on.   Read entire post.

“Food trends will continue to go in the locally grown, comfort food direction.”

“No more passing food on a boring tray. Time to see more unusual serving dishes.”

“The trend in food is dictated by a new sense of shared community, as exemplified by partnerships with boutique brands, artisanal purveyors, and local distilleries.”

“Events are going to be staying on the culinary trend of fresh foods being prepared in front of your guests.”

“People want to learn about food! More groups want to have private chef events or to at least interact with chefs at specialty food stations.”

“Less formal events, hors d’oeuvre or desserts served in martini glasses, and more comfort foods in an elegant way.”

“We see a move toward more heirloom vegetables (beets, radishes), beans and grains (quinoa, grits), all locally grown”.

“We will see a lot of Korean and Mexican foods.  Both offer lots of flavour, have fresh and healthy ingredients, and can be presented in a novel way.”

“The death of the cocktail, and a central focus on local wines and craft beers, particularly as the specific wineries/breweries relate to themed events”.

“With the new BBQ craze that is hitting all the big cities, we’ll find more interesting and less messy takes on our charred favourites.”

“Cold weather:  spiked hot chocolate and teeny-weeny spiced doughnuts.  Warm weather: white lychee sangria with lemon sorbet pops.”

“Drinkable desserts – solid/liquid?  The big switcheroo – edible cocktails! So much better  than the old fraternity house Jell-O shot moment.”


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