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Dessert Trend – Dessertscapes

Our Pastry Chef Kim is constantly finding inspiration for new desserts. Dessert is fantasy and plated desserts in particular are a great way to experiment and be creative.  This fall she unveils a new contemporary dessert theme called Dessertscapes – sure to be the next sweet sensation.

She created these desserts to showcase a new style – classic techniques with a modern presentation utilizing more textures,  lots of complimentary flavours, and up to 12 elements on the plate to taste.  This  premium dessert option is for a client who wants an exquisite finish to their special dinner party.

We have featured three Dessertscapes below but depending on the season and the event – the flavour combinations are limitless.

Culinary Capers Strawberry-dessertscape-0124
Strawberry Brown Butter Dessertscape:
Elements include: brown butter brioche french toast, strawberry fool, vanilla macerated strawberries,
pâte de fruit, vanilla meringue, brown butter ice cream, strawberry panna cotta, strawberry marshmallow sauce.

Culinary Capers Tropical-Citrus-dessertscape-00621

Tropical Citrus Dessertscape:
Elements include: kaffir lime and Thai basil panna cotta, coconut lime ice cream, meringue
with candied mango, slow roasted caramelized pineapple, lemon angel food cake


Chocolate Caramel Dessertscape:
Elements include:  chocolate mousse pâte, salted caramel gelato, chocolate dolce sandwich cookie, milk chocolate ganache,
salted chocolate caramel.



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