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green tableCulinary Capers is a member of the Green Table Network, a Vancouver-based social enterprise with an innovative program to help restaurants and food service operators do more for the environment and the community.

ocean wise

We are proud to be a founding caterer and event partner with the Ocean Wise program in providing sustainable and ocean-friendly seafood choices. As a company dedicated to sustainability, we do not serve farmed salmon as we believe the wild product is superior quality and to support our local fishing industry.

Greening our Operations

Operations and Events

  • Deliveries are on re-usable equipment unless otherwise requested by the client.
  • Disposables have been replaced by re-usable, biodegradable and compostable products.
  • Vehicles are carefully maintained and serviced for optimal efficiency.
  • Food and paper waste from events are composted.
  • Unused food from events is donated to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.


  • Comprehensive recycling program for paper, glass, cardboard, metal and plastic containers diverted 1000 cubic yards of recyclables and sequestered 165 tonnes of carbon emissions in the past year.
  • Recycle 200 gallons of cooking oil annually.
  • Installed a new high efficiency hot water tank and re-circulating pump.
  • Replaced pre-rinse water sprayers with low flow heads and reduced water consumption by 80%.
  • Installed low flow aerators in kitchen and washroom sinks.
  • Cleaning products are biodegradable and ammonia and phosphate free.
  • Food, paper and floral waste are composted, reducing landfill waste by 66%.
  • Paper towels are 100% recycled paper.

Making a Difference

As an organization, we are fully committed to giving back to the community that has contributed to our success. Culinary Capers is a frequent contributor to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, and in partnership with our social and corporate clients, contribute goods in kind and attractive live auction packages to a variety of charities, fundraisers, arts groups and community organizations.

Executive Chef Margaret Chisholm donates her time and expertise to the RainCity Housing and Support Society. Chef Margaret organizes cash and food donations, cooks and hosts professionally prepared meals for low income individuals in the Downtown Eastside along with volunteers from Culinary Capers’ kitchen team.

Managers, event planners, chefs and cooks and operations staff are active in many organizations, charities and boards with the full support of the company. Company President Debra Lykkemark encourages staff to get involved in public speaking and our team has been involved at local, national and international event and education forums. Participation is supported by the company which grants time off work and pays expenses.