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What’s Hot – Modern Tapas Hors d’oeuvre

Small plates and tapas are making a strong presence on our menus in 2013.  Culinary Capers Catering has created seven new tapas inspired hors d’oeuvre featuring regional and sustainable ingredients.  With our modern tapas we’ve created a more generous portioned hors d’oeuvre that feature adventurous flavour profiles and many are gluten-free.

Easy-to-eat with a cocktail fork – they can be passed or creatively displayed on a colourful food station, both perfect for summer cocktail parties.

Choose from:
Bocconcini with grilled focaccia, cucumber and basil crystals
Candied Sockeye salmon with apple slaw and pea shoots
Dungeness crab with watermelon, passion fruit and white soy
Seared albacore tuna with heirloom beans, capers, olives and crispy shallots
Ahi tuna tartare with pickled vegetables, crispy shallots and wasabi
Heirloom beans with grilled and roasted vegetables and crispy shallots
Mole chicken with lime, guacamole, roasted corn and crisp tostada

Enjoy our modern tapas collection.





Photo credit:  Executive Chef Margaret Chisholm


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