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Culinary Capers New Fall Hors d’oeuvre

We have some new handcrafted signature hors d’oeuvre our fall winter menu.  To showcase our chefs housemade charcuterie we created chicken and pork rillettes both served with raspberry red onion marmalade and pickled green apples on a crisp fruit and pecan crostini.

Culinary Capers Catering
Pork Rillettes and Chicken Rillettes with raspberry red onion marmalade and pickled green apples on a crisp fruit and nut crostini

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Another focus was enhancing our gluten-free offerings with inspired flavours including: potato crisp with tuna niçoise; scallop with madras curry and a selection of delectable one-bite meatballs.

Potato Crisp with Nicoise with rare ahi tuna, egg, olives, capers, green beans, tomato and aioli
Scallop with Madras Curry with a mango green apple chutney

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Turkey and Ricotta Meatball with olives, capers and preserved lemon (l) Lamb Merguez Meatball with an herb, yogurt and preserved lemon dip (r)
Smoky Braised Beef Meatball braised in tomato basil sauce

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Unique twists on traditional tastes include: medium rare New York striploin with matchstick potatoes with a Blue cheese or roasted garlic aïoli along with tamari glazed chicken on a green onion pancake are becoming favourites for fall entertaining.

Miniature Steak Frites with Blue Cheese and Roasted Garlic Aioli

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