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Culinary Cocktail | Sake Sparkler

Culinary Capers introduces chef inspired cocktails that are sure to become modern classics.  Influenced by west coast seasonal ingredients and contemporary kitchen methods, our chefs set out to elevate the traditional cocktail taste code.

This month, we are excited about launching Culinary Cocktails.  Our chefs got to switch gears and become mixologists creating sophisticated sips infused with local ingredients and our housemade bitters.  The kitchen team has been brainstorming, experimenting, taste-tasting and refining 20 handcrafted cocktails we know will be perfect for any occasion.

We are sharing our Sake Sparkler recipe with strawberry rhubarb, fresh lime and Granville Island’s Artisan SakeMaker’s Junmai Nama which adds a real edge to this ultra-refreshing summer sip.


Sake Sparkler
1 Tbsp    fresh lime juice
2 Tbsp    strawberry rhubarb syrup*
3 oz        Artisan SakeMaker Osake Junmai Nama
club soda to taste
sliced strawberry for garnish

Combine lime juice, strawberry rhubarb syrup and sake.  Pour over ice and top up with club soda and garnish with sliced strawberry.

*Strawberry rhubarb syrup
Yield 1 cup
½ cup    sugar
½ cup    water
¾ cup    chopped rhubarb
½ cup    sliced strawberries
½ tsp     vanilla

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan and on medium-high heat bring to a boil.  Remove from heat, cover, cool and let steep overnight in the refrigerator (minimum 12 hours).  Strain and store in refrigerator for up to two weeks (or freeze if you want to keep it longer).

Chef tip:  For large parties you can make this cocktail into larger portions and serve in pitchers. Serve with ice on the side so the cocktail doesn’t get diluted.

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Photo: Executive Chef Margaret Chisholm


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