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Culinary Show-and-Tell with Mukini Wild Harvest

Our executive chef Margaret Chisholm and her kitchen team are always looking for creative inspirations for our menus.  The constant hunt for finding unique artisanal products and fresh regional produce is made easier when the Mukini Wild Harvest  (mukini means “beautiful forest” in Japanese) delivery truck sets up like a mini farmer’s market right at our back door for a Culinary ‘show-and-tell’.

From Thomas Keller’s and Daniel Boulud’s restaurants to Vancouver’s top chefs – Mukini has forged its reputation on supplying high-end artisan-crafted products.  Depending on the season – wild edibles include: truffles, fresh berries (huckleberries and brambleberries), a multitude of mushroom varieties (chanterelle, hedgehog, morel and pine), fresh chickpeas and microgreens.    They also have cutting-edge artisanal products ranging from aged maple syrups, vinegars, Tahitian vanilla beans and sake-cured wild steelhead caviar, for example.   With every visit there is always something to taste and new to sample!

Chef Margaret loves it when they stop by – “It’s fun and the personalized interaction gets my team’s creative juices flowing. Their exquisite and cutting-edge ingredients allow us to brainstorm and inject artistic elements to make our seasonal menus over the top.”



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