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Nordstrom Vancouver Opening Events

Nordstrom partnered with Culinary Capers to oversee the largest ever retail launch experience in the Vancouver market. Mirroring the legendary customer service expectations of Nordstrom, our kitchen and service teams executed seven events over a eight day period, serving over 7,800 guests. Highlights included the Opening Gala that served 3,000 guests individual bottled custom cocktails and hors d’oeuvre presented on stylized carts and butler passed throughout the three floors of retail; breakfast for 1,000 for the employee rally; and an early morning street party for 2,500 on Robson Street.

The regionally influenced menus featured over 70 individually handcrafted hors d’oeuvre, petite desserts and small plates. Throughout the various events, we consistently aimed to amplify the Nordstrom brand by elegantly presenting menu items in branded containers, bottles and packaging.

The combined talents of PartyArt Design teamed with Culinary Capers to manage the event production for the VIP Opening Fashion Show for 600 guests on Robson Square and the Beauty Bash street party on a closed section of Robson Street. In addition to the challenging installation of two large custom tent structures, CEO Debra Lykkemark and Event Planner Sarah Mackenzie weaved their creative influence throughout the events with customized signage, step and repeat walls, a huge red carpet installation, distinctive floral and entertainment for each event.

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