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Food Trends Local + Seasonal Ingredients

Menus are focusing more and more on local and seasonal food, which is fantastic!

Now it’s time to take it to the next level by introducing our clients to less common foods that we have locally such as squab, venison , bison, lamb, quail, pheasant, octopus, albacore tuna, steelhead trout and Northern Divine sturgeon and caviar. This squab was sourced from local Lostock Farms.

Squab Breast, beluga lentils, red wine salsify, roasted sunchokes

Wild locally foraged ingredients will be an important addition to menus Items such as BC wild mushrooms, huckleberries, ramps, sea beans, fiddleheads, stinging nettle, licorice root and mustard flowers which are available through Mikuni Wild Harvest.

Sole Food Street Farms is an urban agriculture project in Vancouver. It is the largest urban farm in the city and they employ low-income residents from the downtown east side. The produce is amazing and is available to food establishments and local farmers’ markets that specialize in using locally-sourced ingredients. We have sourced ingredients from them for specific locally themed menus.

Famer’s Market Salad


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