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Giving Back – RainCity Housing BBQ

On September 10th, The Friends of RainCity Housing and Support Society offered residents (including the homeless, mentally challenged and drug and/or alcohol addicted) a few hours of safe, secure and wholesome pleasure. For 14 years, The Friends of RainCity have joined forces with RainCity Housing Society to serve more than 800 meals in a festive milieu of live music, fine linens and fresh flowers.

The Triage Barbecue, which Culinary Capers Catering is a large part of, is one of the most popular charitable events in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver because it provides nutritious food and a generous amount of protein. Area residents look forward to this event all year as the menu includes barbecued salmon, roast beef, chicken and a variety of salads, fruits and dessert.

“What makes this barbecue special is that there are usually donations of breads and pastries, but rarely fruit, vegetables or protein”, says Fran Romer with the RainCity Housing and Support Society, “the incidence of diabetes in this area is significantly higher than other parts of the city, along with HIV/AIDS and a general lack of good nutrition. This lack of nutrition leads to a higher incidence of disease and an inability to fight those diseases.”

For the last 14 years, Executive Chef Margaret Chisholm of Culinary Capers along with industry colleagues Moira Fitzpatrick and Jane Ruddick have donated their time to organize food donations and prepare a delicious meal.  According to Chef Margaret, “the barbecue had the youngest volunteer ever this year, she was about seven or eight years old and looked folks right in the eye as she handed them dessert.  It is truly one of my favourite and most heartfelt days of the year.”

Chef Margaret called upon her suppliers for a variety of donations for this year’s event and would like to extend a big thank you to: Windsor Meats, Centennial Foodservice, Snowcap Foods, Ace Beverages, FreshPoint Produce, Sundance Seafood, Sysco Vancouver, The Original Cakerie, Vancouver Community College and Terra Breads for their very generous contributions.

RainCity Triage Shelter is an emergency shelter and housing organization that provides temporary and permanent lodging, food and medial assistance for people living in poverty, many of whom have physical and mental health problems and have nowhere else to turn.

Photo:  Executive Chef Margaret (centre) flanked by her loyal team of volunteers – Brian, Thanh, Linda and Rina.

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