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Key Trends for 2017

Key Trends for 2017

The return of monochromatic, pickles to Brosé, here are food, drink and event trends that are creating a buzz for 2017.

Unexpected Elements

A key trend for 2017 is to incorporate elements of surprise at events.  Wow your guests with one of the following:

  • After dessert is served, and your guests think food service is complete, have our team bring out cocktail infused cupcakes to pass at midnight.
  • Hand out mini mac + cheese in takeout containers for guests on the way out the door to savor on their way home.
  • A roaming cheese cart serving housemade Fromage Blanc and artisanal toppings, is a real crowd pleaser, and will be seen on the move at Culinary Capers’ events this year.


House Made Pickled Everything

Pickled and fermented foods are going strong for 2017. On our menus, you will notice we are pickling potatoes for hors d’oeuvre to be used as a vessel for toppings. We are also pickling shallots, ginger, and even mushrooms, as interesting garnishes for entrees.

Bar Buzz

  • Cocktails are still going strong, but we will be serving them in classic vessels. Think Moscow Mules in gleaming copper mugs or an Old Fashioned served in a gorgeous cut crystal glass.
  • We are also incorporating intriguing elements like ruby red ice cubes made of grapefruit juice and Campari.
  • Coffee cocktails continue to be popular, that shot of espresso is just what the party needs to keep it going!
  • Gender neutral drinks. Gone are the days of “his and her” drinks, the term Brosé has cropped up for men unapologetically enjoying rosé wine and expect your female guests to confidently enjoy sipping a Negroni.

Rustic Chic

Rustic Chic does not seem to be going away. In fact, we are beginning to think that this trend might be here forever. Bringing the outdoors in, this aesthetic merges wood accents, undone florals, and organic patterns.

Science says natural elements bring positive mental benefits, and we cannot argue with that!  In the coming year, not only are we embracing this look for décor and presentation but also but incorporating it into our food. Our Beet Root Tartare hors d’oeuvre served on a celeriac crisp is a perfect example. The celeriac crisp is rustic and organic, the topping most definitely refined and chic.

Desserts in Glass.

With a nod to the nostalgic, we will be serving desserts in apothecary glasses.  Les verrines, as French chefs call them, are served in a very small transparent glass or bowl that showcases layers of color and texture. This one is a Strawberry Rhubarb Verrine, but just about any ingredients with contrast can be used to create to a dramatic element.

Monochromatic Mood

For weddings, we are seeing a glamorous and monochromatic palette of metalllic silver and white. Whether you opt for foil texture or metallic silver strokes, the high octane look is elegant and contemporary, and works perfectly for a wintry wedding.

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