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Corporate Delivery Menus


AM Hors d’oeuvre

Housemade Baked Goods

Baked goods are prepared in house by our pastry chefs using the freshest ingredients and served with butter + raspberry preserves.


Housemade Gluten Free / Vegan Baked Goods

Energy Bars + Bites

Continental Breakfast**

coffee and juice – not included

Continental West Coast Breakfast*

(minimum 6) | coffee and juice – not included

Avocado Toast Breakfast Platter (with Housemade Juices)*

Avocado Toast Platter*

Healthy Choices

Fresh Fruit

Hot Breakfast

All breakfast menus are prepared with free range eggs.

À La Carte

Our chefs are able to prepare any combination of hot and cold menu choices for your function. Professional staff can be scheduled for full service.

(minimum 6)

Classic Canadian Breakfast*

(minimum 6)

Breakfast Sandwiches

(minimum 6)

Breakfast Burritos

(minimum 6)

Pan Baked Omelettes


(GF) Gluten free (DF) Dairy free (RD) On request dairy free (RV) On request vegan (V) Vegan

*minimum notice of 11:00 am the previous business day is required

**minimum notice of 1:00 pm the previous business day is required

Prices subject to change without notice

A minimum of 24 hours (Monday – Friday) for the cancellation of sandwiches, baked goods and desserts.
A minimum 48 hours (Monday – Friday) for the cancellation of other selections from the Corporate Menu.
Cancellation must be confirmed with an order consultant by telephone.

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