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PartyArt Design’s Holiday Decor Trends

PartyArt Design is sharing favourite party décor details with stylish visual mood boards capturing Winter Rustic Chic, Boho Glam and Winter Green West Coast.Line-thin-340Winter Rustic Chic Holiday Party

The Winter Rustic Chic holiday party incorporates the warm tones of winter with finer elegant features. Characteristics of silver birch weaves itself throughout the theme. Imagine yourself by a warm cozy fire wrapped in soft fur, seated on luxurious comfortable furniture, melting winter away with a warm hearty meal.
winter rustic chic holiday party 1
Sparkly crisp drinks akin to the snow and temperatures outside, are a welcome refreshment. Tables lit and decorated with soft candlelight, pine cone accents, along with white and silver birch décor enhance the mood.
Rustic Holiday 2

Elegant wintery floral elevate the feel of the space. Feel the connection to a winter wonderland while enjoying a refined, luxury, sophisticated cabin interior.
Rustic Chic Holiday 3snowflake-icon-01The Glam feel of 2014 continues but with a more laissez-faire Boho flair.

Boho Glam combines all the rich grandeur of 2014 but with a more glamorous feel adding softness and vintage character. Floral are over the top with high flower and bloom content, beautifully loose with natural design shapes; as if almost freshly picked from a garden rather than tightly packed and overly sophisticated.

Boho Glam Holiday Party 1

Trailing  and hanging elements that catch the glint of gold in the light can be found in all aspects of the decor. Mirrored surfaces, elegant chairs combined with rustic-boho vine chairs or antique weathered and traditional wood tables. Colour tones are warm and soft with an abundance of amber, gold and bronze hues.
Boho Glam Holiday Party 2
Dessert tables drip with delicious treats adorned with rich bold gold and accented with floral. Sparkling gold is the main focus but notes of pinks, sherbets and ambers work really well with this palette.
Boho Glam Holiday Party 3snowflake-icon-01Winter Green West Coast is a fresh take on your classic holiday looks.

Take traditional West Coast winters and bring them up to speed with some of today‘s fresh, clean simplicity.
Winter Green West Coast 1
Remove the clutter and take a deep breath. Bold greens can be warmed with tones of brown and reds. Close your eyes and let the scents of the holiday transport you.
Winter Green West Coast 2
Evergreens weave through all elements of this look tying it together and giving it a grounding neutral tone that can be brightened by the colour of your choice.
Winter Green West Coast 3snowflake-icon-01PartyArt Design




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