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Tips from the Experts for Flawless Alfresco Entertaining

One of our favourite things about the breezy days of summer is outdoor entertaining.  Whether you are planning a simple barbeque or an elegant dinner, here are a few ideas to ensure your outdoor soiree is the hit of the summer.

1) Passion fruit Elderflower Sangria

Greet guests with a feature cocktail when they arrive.  We love this fresh twist on the classic sangria.

For one jug (8 drinks):

2.5 oz.   Vodka
1 oz.       Vermouth
1 oz.       Cointreau
8 oz.       White Wine
1 oz.       Elderflower syrup
1.5 oz.   Passion fruit puree
1 oz.       Lemon lime syrup  (see recipe below)
16 oz.    soda

Lemon Lime Syrup
1 lemon
1 lime
1 cup of water
½ cup of sugar

To make the lemon lime syrup, use a peeler to zest one lemon and one lime.  Rough chop zest thoroughly. Bring 1 cup of water to a boil with ½ cup of sugar, add zest. Steep overnight.  Strain out zest, pressing lightly to extract all syrup. ** Makes more syrup than recipe requires but will keep in fridge for up to one week.

Combine all ingredients over ice.  Top with soda, and garnish with lime slices.


2) Light up the night.

When twilight hits, wow your guests by hanging glowing lanterns or stringing rows of bistro globe lights on overhead tree branches.  These lanterns were made with mason jars.  Battery powered LED lights instead of tea lights are a smart option, turn them on before the guests arrive which will save you running around to light them at dusk.


3) Call in the experts to handle the heavy lifting.

Stay out of the kitchen, and enjoy the company of your guests while our talented catering team runs the show.

**Our summer is booking up rapidly, so don’t wait to book your event date!

B2 Gold
B2 Gold

4) Add a fun and interactive dessert option such as a s’more station.

If you have a fire pit, guests will love cozying up and making their own s’mores.  Display all the fixings on a table nearby in a beautiful assortment of glass jars.

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