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Tips for throwing a summer soiree

Tips for throwing a summer soiree:

Greet guests with a signature cocktail. This is one of our favourite cocktails for summer afternoons. We use fresh mint and replace the rum with cachaça, a Brazilian spirit, for a refreshing twist on the original. We also use brown sugar instead of white because of the subtle flavour it adds.

Mojto Recipe

Makes one pitcher (SERVES 4)

2 limes,cut in 8ths

1 large handful of mint

2 Tbsp brown sugar

8 oz rum

8 oz club soda

Muddle limes, mint and brown sugar together until brown sugar is dissolved into the lime juice.

Add the rum.


Fill pitcher with Ice. Pour muddled rum mixture over ice, add club soda. Stir.

Serve in tall ice-filled glasses.

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With your menu, integrate local ingredients such as B.C. berries, beans, corn and peaches to add a fresh, regional element to your summer event menu.

Keep food light, fresh and seasonal. If you buy the best and freshest ingredients they will be delicious on their own or lightly seasoned.


Slip a few dryer sheets under your tablecloth to keep pesky bugs at bay

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Using potted herbs as centerpieces is a great way to incorporate greenery into your table top décor, and you will use them again.

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